Athan and Dino Kaliakmanis, Both Minnesota Commits, Balance Football and the Family Business

Meet Ethan and Dino Caliec Manus, the dynamic brother duo from Antioch Community High School in Illinois. These high school athletes have taken the football world by storm, establishing themselves as one of the top quarterback-wide receiver combinations in the nation. Ethan, the quarterback, possesses incredible physical talents in both throwing and running. But what truly sets him apart is his mental game. With a sharp short-term memory and the ability to bounce back from setbacks quickly, Ethan consistently leads his team to victory. Dino, the wide receiver, may be more reserved, but his work ethic is unmatched. He's a serious grinder, giving his all in every drill, rain or shine. Dino's dedication and determination have made a significant impact on the Antioch football program. Join us in celebrating these talented brothers and their contributions to the game. Watch the video to discover the secrets behind their success and witness their incredible teamwork in action.