Elijah Holyfield - Woodward Academy Running Back - Highlights/Interviews

Introducing Elijah Holyfield, a rising star in the world of high school football and son of boxing legend Evander Holyfield. Despite being one of the smaller kids in his class, Elijah's determination and love for the game have helped him dominate on and off the field. Standing at an impressive 5 feet 11 inches and weighing 200 pounds, his physical prowess is unmatched. Raised by his mom and stepfather, Elijah's commitment to football began at the young age of four. However, his mom initially hesitated to put his father's famous name on his jersey. Nevertheless, Elijah's passion for the sport overshadowed any potential challenges. In the 7th grade, he made a life-changing decision to commit himself to the weight room, with his dad as his inspiration. This video will showcase how Elijah Holyfield has become a standout player, proving that his accomplishments are all his own, and delving into his journey of determination, hard work, and love for the game.