Dexter Lawrence - Wake Forest Defensive Tackle - Highlights/Interview

Dexter Lawrence, the standout defensive lineman from Wake Forest High School in North Carolina, is making waves in high school football with his remarkable size and athleticism. At six foot four and three hundred and thirty pounds, Dexter possesses the strength and agility of a linebacker, making him a force to be reckoned with on the field. His contributions have played a significant role in the rising success of the Wake Forest program over the past five years, with the team advancing to three state title games. Now, Dexter's ultimate goal is to secure Wake Forest High School's first-ever state football championship this season, alongside his talented younger brother, Devine, who is set to become a top running back in the 2018 class. As Dexter's senior year unfolds, he is not only focused on the state championship but also on making his college decision, although he is yet to commit. Get ready to watch the video and learn more about Dexter Lawrence, the dominant defensive lineman who is leaving his mark on Wake Forest High School's football program. Discover how his size and skills have contributed to the team's success and how he and his brother are determined to win the state championship together. Keep an eye on Dexter as he navigates his senior year, making important decisions about his future in college football. Don't miss out on this exciting story of talent, determination, and dreams coming true in Wake Forest, North Carolina.