Boise State is Getting a Rising Star in Lewisville Quarterback Taylen Green

Taylon Greene, the rising star quarterback from Lewisville High School in Texas, is generating attention with his exceptional skills on the field. Standing at an impressive six feet five inches and weighing 215 pounds, Greene possesses a powerful arm and remarkable accuracy. What sets him apart is his dual-threat ability, as he skillfully keeps plays alive and finds openings on the field with ease, thanks to his outstanding speed and agility, honed from his track and field experience. Drawing inspiration from renowned quarterbacks like Cam Newton and Lamar Jackson, Greene understands the impact of a quarterback who can disrupt defenses. However, Greene's talents go beyond his athleticism. He possesses an equally impressive football IQ and is known for his dedication to studying film, ensuring he is well-prepared for every game. His commitment to improvement extends beyond the football field, as he consistently seeks ways to enhance his skills. Greene has the ability to anticipate windows, make explosive plays, and read defenses with precision. His unwavering commitment to giving his all on every down makes him a force to be reckoned with. Watch the video to witness the rise of this incredible talent.