Alyssa and Gisele Thompson, Two of the Brightest Stars in Girls Soccer, Shine at Harvard-Westlake

Alyssa Thompson, a rising star in women's soccer, has achieved an astonishing milestone by becoming the Gatorade National Player of the Year as a sophomore. This prestigious accolade is rarely bestowed upon such young athletes, underscoring the magnitude of Alyssa's accomplishment. What makes her achievement even more remarkable is that she was shocked to receive the award, as she thought she was attending an interview for a different recognition. Alyssa's exceptional performance on the field played a significant role in helping her school, Harvard Westlake, secure a state championship with an undefeated 19-0 record. In just 17 games, she scored an impressive 48 goals and provided 14 assists. Alyssa's success serves as a testament to her unwavering dedication and tireless efforts in the sport she loves. What makes Alyssa's journey even more extraordinary is her younger sister, Giselle, who also became a part of the varsity team. The sisters share an unbreakable bond and have been each other's training partners since a young age. Together, they have continually pushed their limits, even participating in boys' tournaments to hone their skills further. This dynamic duo exemplifies the power of determination and collaboration in achieving greatness in women's soccer.