Running Back Kayleb Wagner is Breaking Records in Florida and Winning Fans Along the Way

Meet Caleb Wagner, a remarkable high school athlete from Florida who has overcome adversity to excel in football. Born without a left hand, Caleb has never let his disability hinder his determination and passion. Inspired by his mother's advice to never say "can't," Caleb believes that he can achieve anything he sets his mind to. Despite his physical limitation, Caleb's talent and hard work have been recognized by his coaches and teammates. With impressive speed, strength, and the ability to score touchdowns, he has proven himself on the football field. In his breakout sophomore season, he rushed for over 1400 yards, helping his team secure the Florida Class 1A state championship. Despite his success, Caleb remains humble and focused on his team's goals rather than personal accolades. Beyond his athletic achievements, Caleb's perseverance and positive attitude have made him an inspiration to many. Whether it's his younger peers looking up to him or his teammates finding motivation in his example, Caleb's story is one of resilience and determination. Watch the video to learn more about this extraordinary athlete who embodies the spirit of never giving up.