Record-Setting Georgia Quarterback Commit Gunner Stockton is Giving Rabun County All He Has

Meet Gunner Stockton, the talented quarterback from Georgia whose name perfectly matches his skill on the football field. In this must-watch video, we get an exclusive look at Gunner's exceptional arm and his ability to make every throw with precision. But Gunner's story is about more than just his incredible talent. Named after his great grandfather who served as an army gunner in World War II, Gunner is determined to honor his family's legacy. Coming from a family deeply rooted in the Raven County community, Gunner's connection to his school goes beyond his impressive football skills. With his grandfather being instrumental in constructing the school's facilities and his parents actively involved in various roles, Gunner's leadership qualities shine through both on and off the field. Whether he's captaining his team or making a difference in his community, Gunner is a natural leader with a drive to succeed. Don't miss this inspiring video that highlights Gunner's exceptional talent and his dedication to honoring his family's legacy.