Update: Kayleb Wagner, Record-Breaking Running Back at Baker High in Florida, is an SIU Commit

Meet Caleb Wagner, a remarkable running back from Florida who has defied all odds to become a record-setting athlete on the Gridiron. Despite being born without a left hand, Caleb has never let anything hold him back. He credits his unwavering belief in himself to his mother, who instilled in him the belief that he can accomplish anything he sets his mind to. With her support and the help of his grandparents, Caleb has been able to pursue his passion for football just like any other kid. Caleb's talents and determination caught the attention of Baker High School head coach Matt Brunson at a young age. Impressed by Caleb's speed, strength, and work ethic, Coach Brunson recognized his potential. In his breakout sophomore season in 2020, Caleb rushed for over 1400 yards and played a crucial role in leading Baker to a state championship. Despite facing opponents who underestimated him due to his missing hand, Caleb proved time and time again that he is just as capable and talented as any other running back.