Chloe Chicoine of McCutcheon High School is a Versatile Volleyball Star and a Purdue Commit

Meet Chloe Chicoine, the rising star of Lafayette, Indiana, and one of the nation's top volleyball players. With unwavering determination and hard work, she led McCutcheon High School to their first-ever state title, earning herself multiple accolades, including the coveted Gatorade Player of the Year. Chicoine's love for volleyball ignited at the tender age of eight, when she attended a camp organized by Purdue University volleyball players. Since then, she has honed her skills, surpassing her physical limitations at just under 5'10" to excel as a versatile player. Not only is she a formidable outside hitter, but she also contributes across various positions, from front row to back row defense and serving. Prepare to be inspired by Chloe Chicoine's remarkable journey and her remarkable ability to master any role on the volleyball court.