Uaisele Manoa - Concord - Highlights - Sports Stars of Tomorrow Viewer Submission

Meet Weo Monoa, a talented senior from Concord, California who has captivated audiences with his incredible journey as a high school athlete. Weo's skills as a linebacker at Concord High were nothing short of remarkable, as he recorded an impressive 91 tackles during the season. But Weo's versatility didn't stop there - he also made a lasting impact as a running back, contributing nearly 500 yards rushing and scoring an impressive 10 touchdowns. Not surprisingly, his outstanding performance earned him the honor of being a first-team all-league selection on defense and a second-team all-league selection on offense. As colleges near and far express interest in recruiting him, Weo's hard work, dedication, and natural talent have truly paid off. Don't miss the chance to watch as he continues to excel in both football and his future athletic endeavors.