Two-Sport Athlete Duce Robinson of Pinnacle High School Impresses in Football and Baseball

Meet Deuce Robinson, the highly sought-after five-star tight end from Pinnacle High School in Phoenix. Standing at an impressive six feet six inches tall and weighing 225 pounds, Deuce is a force to be reckoned with on the football field. His abilities have caught the attention of recruiters nationwide, thanks to his knack for scoring touchdowns and creating mismatch problems. But Deuce's talent isn't limited to football – he's also an exceptional basketball and baseball player, taking after his former college athlete parents. His potential for growth in football is undeniable, and he aspires to play both sports in college. Deuce is on the hunt for a school that not only allows but encourages him to pursue his passion for both football and baseball. With visits to top-notch schools like Georgia, Alabama, Texas, and USC already in the books, Deuce's commitment is sure to make college quarterbacks very happy.