Travis Hunter, Two-Way Star at Collins Hill, Makes His Case as Nation's #1 Recruit for 2022

In this week's episode of Sports Stars of Tomorrow, we highlight Travis Hunter, a five-star talent from Collins Hill High School in Georgia. Not only does Collins Hill have one of the best football programs in the area, but they are also recognized as one of the top teams in the entire country, thanks in part to Travis and his senior classmates. Travis is an incredibly versatile player, excelling on both offense and defense. As a wide receiver, he has set records in Gwinnett County with an impressive 137 receptions for 1,746 yards and 24 touchdowns. On the defensive side, he has proven himself as a dominant force, shutting down opponents with 51 tackles and eight interceptions. His football IQ, passion for the game, and extraordinary ball skills make him one of the most talented skill players Coach Gregory has ever witnessed. However, Travis's impact reaches far beyond the football field. Known for his selfless attitude and dedication to his community, Travis's main focus is not just on his individual success, but on making a difference. His remarkable skills and character make him a role model both on and off the field. Don't miss this inspiring episode showcasing Travis Hunter's journey to greatness.