Tom Nolen - National Life Group Life Changer of the Year Nominee

Meet Tom Nolan, a legendary coach from Houston Lamar in Texas, known for his profound impact on the lives of students since 1975. With over 300 wins and a trip to the 5A Division 1 state championship in 2012, Coach Nolan's coaching prowess is undeniable. However, his mission extends far beyond the football field. Coach Nolan sees football as a powerful vehicle to instill discipline, dedication, and life skills in his players. By using the sport as a hook, he motivates them to attend school regularly, complete assignments, and strive for success. Many of his players have earned college scholarships, with some even making it to the NFL, but for Coach Nolan, the true measure of success lies in shaping these young athletes into responsible adults. Despite the changing times, Coach Nolan continues to address the core challenges faced by his students. His commitment and dedication are evident in the lasting impact he has on his players, creating a legacy that extends far beyond the football field. Experience the inspiring story of Coach Tom Nolan and his remarkable ability to transform lives through the sport of football.