Amadis Velez - National Life Group Life Changer of the Year Nominee

Meet AMA DS Velez, an extraordinary high school teacher from Mission High School in San Francisco. AMA DS truly embodies the spirit of inspiration and dedication, as he made the brave choice to leave behind a successful career as a lawyer and follow his true passion for teaching. His compassionate nature shines through in the way he connects with his students and helps them prepare for college through his expository writing class. But AMA DS's impact stretches far beyond the classroom walls. He goes above and beyond to ensure that every student, regardless of their status or documentation, has equal access to college. His commitment to diversity and inclusivity is truly remarkable. By building strong relationships with his students based on trust and support, he motivates them to work their hardest and achieve their dreams. AMA DS's efforts have resulted in an incredible network of successful students who have gone on to attend universities and are now giving back to their communities. Join us in celebrating AMA DS Velez, a teacher who has truly made a difference in the lives of countless students and continues to inspire others every day.