Taylor Townsend - Tennis - Highlights/Interview

At the USTA Training Center in Boca Raton, Florida, 16-year-old Taylor Townsend has found a new home to pursue her dreams of becoming a tennis star. Hailing from Chicago, Taylor's journey began when she discovered her love for tennis at a young age. Accepted into the highly competitive USTA training program, Taylor balances her demanding workout schedule with schoolwork while fully embracing the routine. With several hours of tennis practice and fitness workouts each week, Taylor understands the importance of staying physically fit and believes it plays a crucial role in her overall performance on the court. Her hard work paid off in 2012 when she became the top junior player in the world and clinched the Junior Australian Open singles championship, solidifying her talent and providing her with opportunities to interact with professional players and play on prestigious courts. Experience Taylor's inspiring journey to success in the featured video above.