Carl Lewis - Interview - Sports Stars of Tomorrow - Legend

Carl Lewis, one of the greatest Olympians in history, left an indelible mark on track and field, surpassing the attention he received from professional football and basketball teams. In 1984, he made history by matching Jesse Owens' incredible feat of winning four gold medals in a single Olympic Games. Lewis, just 22 at the time, found fame overwhelming but immensely appreciated the support he received. Remarkably, he maintained his position at the pinnacle of the track and field world for another 12 years, retiring with an astounding 10 Olympic medals, nine of which were gold. Not only did Lewis excel on the field, but he also felt a responsibility to improve his sport. He fought for better athlete rights and became a vocal advocate against doping. Today, his inspiring story continues to resonate with young people, empowering them to believe in themselves and emphasizing the importance of faith and a strong support system. Carl Lewis is a true role model who understands the power of positive support and aims to instill confidence and determination in young athletes.

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