Sports Stars of Tomorrow College Football Preview - Freshmen to Watch

Meet Kayvon Thibodeau and Derek Stingley Jr., two extraordinary high school football players capturing the attention of fans and scouts. Thibodeau, the towering defensive end from Oaks Christian School, is widely recognized as one of the top players in the 2019 class. Yet, he remains humble and driven solely by his love for the game, setting him apart from others. With an unrivaled work ethic and an insatiable desire to improve, Thibodeau is ready to handle the high expectations that come with his immense talent. Another rising star is Derek Stingley Jr., a defensive back from the Dunham School, Louisiana. Known for his exceptional speed and agility, he has shattered records by being the first defensive back ever to be ranked as the number one overall recruit by Rivals. Stingley's remarkable accomplishments and outstanding skills have taken the football world by storm. Together, Thibodeau and Stingley represent the next generation of standout performers in high school football, destined to make a significant impact at the collegiate and professional levels.