Sports Stars of Tomorrow 2023 NFL Preview: Offense

Discover the incredible high school journeys of two NFL superstars in this special episode of Sports Stars of Tomorrow. First, we delve into Derrick Henry's inspiring path from injury to triumph. Witness how Henry's record-breaking success at Yuley High School in Florida paved the way for his outstanding professional career as one of the NFL's top rushers. Next, get ready to be amazed by wide receiver Amman-Ra St. Brown's remarkable rise. Uncover the story of his breakout 2022 season with the Detroit Lions, where his exceptional skills and hard work earned him a well-deserved Pro Bowl selection. Delve into St. Brown's time at California's renowned modern-day, where he honed his hands, route running, and work ethic, captivating fans and coaches alike. Don't miss this inside look at the impressive high school days of two football icons who continue to dominate the NFL.