2023 Sports Stars of Tomorrow College Football Preview: Transfers to Watch

In this week's Sports Star Spotlight, we highlight high-profile athlete transfers that are making headlines. Deion Sanders, the new head coach of the Buffs program in Colorado, has brought in a number of transfers, including Travis Hunter, the top prospect in the 2022 class. Hunter, who excels as both a cornerback and receiver, is a coach's dream with his skills, football IQ, and passion for the game. His undeniable impact on the field has caught the attention of college scouts, and he is set to continue making waves at Colorado. Devon Leary, another athlete making waves, decided to use his extra year of eligibility after a shoulder injury ended his junior season at North Carolina State. Leary broke the program's single-season record for touchdown passes and is determined to make a comeback. With his undeniable talent and drive, Leary's story is sure to engage and inspire viewers.