Sports Stars of Tomorrow 2023 NFL Draft Preview: Tanner McKee and Max Duggan

Tanner McKee, an exceptional quarterback from Corona Centennial High School in California, has captivated football enthusiasts with his remarkable skills. Standing at an impressive height of six-foot-six, Tanner's strong arm and ability to effortlessly see over the offensive line have earned him five-star status in the 2018 High School class. However, his inspiring journey to success faced a major setback when he was diagnosed with melanoma during his sophomore season. After a successful surgery, Tanner was declared cancer-free but faced concerns about the impact on his throwing motion. Remarkably, he made a throwing motion as soon as he woke up to ensure everything was back in working order. Now cancer-free, Tanner remains focused on his future, exemplifying his character and commitment to using his talents for good by preparing for a two-year Mormon mission in Brazil before embarking on his college career. Former TCU quarterback, Max Duncan, embodies the highs and lows of college experience. With a rich and dynamic journey, Max has encountered numerous challenges and triumphs throughout his time in college. (end of response)