Donovan McIntosh of St. Mary's High School Bringing Speed and Playmaking to Kansas State

Donovan McIntosh, a highly talented defensive back from St. Mary's High School in St. Louis, Missouri, has become a standout player on the formidable St. Mary's defense, contributing to their consecutive state championship wins. What sets Donovan apart is his impressive combination of speed and size, with a height of six feet two inches and a weight of 195 pounds. His physicality is reminiscent of a corner, while his exceptional speed allows him to excel both on the football field, where he can keep up with any receiver, and on the track, where he competes in the 100-meter and 200-meter events. Recognized for his exceptional skills, Donovan recently received the first-team All-State selection. Now, he is ready to bring his talents to the next level as he signs with the Kansas State Wildcats in Manhattan, Kansas, embarking on an exciting new chapter in his athletic journey.