Sports Stars of Tomorrow - 2021 NBA Draft Special - Part 2

Scottie Barnes, a former Florida State Seminole, is gaining recognition as an underrated high school basketball player who is now expected to be a top pick in the NBA draft. Scouts are impressed by his readiness to defend at the professional level and his ability to distribute the ball. Barnes' coach, Boyle, has played a crucial role in his development by focusing on the little things and preparing him for the NBA. Prior to his time at Mount Verde, Barnes helped lead NSU University School to two state championships, showcasing his winning mentality and leadership skills. Sharif Cooper, an all-American point guard from Georgia, is another standout prospect in this year's draft. Despite being smaller in size, Cooper's basketball IQ and creative style of play make him stand out among his peers. He excels in setting up his teammates and elevating their performance. Cooper's patient and artistic approach to the game sets him apart and makes him an exciting player to watch. Isaiah Jackson, a talented defensive player from Kentucky, brings versatility to the power forward position. Known for his ability to handle the ball, shoot, and block shots, Jackson's dedication to improving his skills has been evident throughout his career. His well-rounded game and commitment to excellence make him a coveted player in this year's draft.