Shaquem Griffin - Journey to Greatness

In this week's episode of "Journey to Greatness," meet Shakira Pan, an inspiring football player with an exceptional story. Despite being born with amniotic band syndrome, which resulted in the amputation of his hand at a young age, Shakira's disability did not stop him from pursuing his passion for sports. With his father's unwavering support and twin brother Shakeel by his side, Shakira excelled in football, basketball, and baseball, becoming a star linebacker for UCF. Shakira's incredible determination and talent led him to earn the title of second team All-American in his senior year, with his leadership also guiding the Golden Knights to a perfect 13-0 record. The bond between the Griffin brothers has been unbreakable and their journey together truly remarkable. Despite his draft stock not being as high as some others, Shakira's skills caught the attention of the NFL, resulting in his invitation to the 2018 NFL Draft festivities. Discover the inspiring story of Shakira Pan as he proves that with dedication and perseverance, any challenge can be overcome. Watch the latest episode of "Journey to Greatness" to witness Shakira's journey and be inspired by his incredible achievements in the face of adversity.