Sefo Liufau: Rising Samoan Star Quarterback at Bellarmine Prep Inspiring

Meet Seppo Lufau, the talented starting quarterback at Bellarmine Prep in Tacoma, Washington. With his Samoan heritage, Seppo understands the deep-rooted connection between football and Samoan culture. In Samoan communities, football serves as a pathway for success, allowing young athletes like Seppo to leave the island and make a name for themselves. From a young age, Seppo has dedicated himself to honing his skills in football and basketball, emerging as a polished athlete by the time he reached Bellarmine Prep. Coach Tom Larson recognizes Seppo's exceptional qualities, including his strong arm, maneuverability, and intelligence on the field. These talents have not gone unnoticed, as college scouts have taken notice and offered Seppo a scholarship to the University of Colorado, to which he has verbally committed. While the attention from scouts is rewarding, Seppo's greatest pride comes from gaining the approval of his family, especially his younger siblings Malia and Seiya, who have special needs. Seppo's dedication to his sport has not only opened doors for his own future but also serves as an inspiration to those around him. Watch the video to learn more about Seppo's journey and how football has played a significant role in shaping his life and the lives of those he loves.