Rob Bliss - National Life Group Life Changer of the Year Nominee

Discover the incredible coaching philosophy of Rob Bliss, the head basketball coach at Fred Ford High School in Newton, North Carolina. Coach Bliss believes that success goes beyond winning championships; it's about the personal growth and development of his players. With years of experience under his belt, he firmly believes that good people make excellent players. Coach Bliss's approach is centered on helping his players enhance their skills on and off the court. He emphasizes the importance of personal growth, molding his athletes into exceptional individuals and better players. This mindset creates a strong bond within the team, where selflessness and camaraderie thrive, prioritizing the group's interests over individual desires. While championships are an incredible achievement, Coach Bliss's ultimate goal is to prepare his players for life beyond basketball. By instilling values like teamwork, dedication, and resilience, he equips his athletes with the essential tools to thrive in any future endeavor they pursue. Embark on a journey of personal and athletic growth with Coach Bliss and his transformative coaching philosophy in this inspiring video.