Reid Travis - DeLaSalle Forward - Highlights/Interview Sports Stars of Tomorrow

Reed Travis, a standout power forward from De La Salle High School in Minneapolis, is making waves as one of the top 50 players in the class of 2014. Standing at an impressive six feet seven inches, Travis dominates the basketball court with his dominating presence in the paint and deadly outside shot. But his skills extend beyond just basketball. With his height and vision, Travis excels as a quarterback, utilizing his advantage to read the field and see over linemen. Entering his senior year, Travis faced a tough decision. Despite receiving football offers from prestigious schools like Boston College, Iowa, and Rutgers, he knew that his true passion lay in basketball. Determined to focus on his development as a player, Travis made the difficult choice to give up football. Known for his physicality and finesse, Travis's versatility has caught the attention of basketball powerhouses like Duke and Michigan State. If you're looking for an athlete who dominates the basketball court with his impressive height and skill set, Reed Travis is the player for you. Watch our video to see this power forward in action and witness his ability to dominate the paint with finesse and physicality.