Reggie Perry - Thomasville Forward - Highlights/Interview

Reggie Perry, a standout athlete from Thomasville High School in Georgia, is emerging as one of the top power forwards in the 2018 class. Standing tall at an impressive six feet nine inches and weighing 200 pounds, Perry is a dominant force on the court. Drawing inspiration from Draymond Green, he has honed his skills to contribute to his team in multiple ways, whether it be scoring, rebounding, or creating opportunities for his teammates. Perry's dedication to improvement is evident as he constantly strives to become even better. He is focused on enhancing his conditioning and outside shot in preparation for the next level. Perry's unwavering commitment to his craft is apparent in his daily routine, which includes a rigorous regimen of push-ups, sit-ups, and countless hours in the gym. Basketball runs in Perry's blood, as he follows in his father's footsteps. His father had a successful collegiate career, playing four years at Mississippi State in the 1970s. Exciting