Bryan Antoine, Scottie Lewis - Ranney Basketball - Highlights/Interviews

is no surprise that Tinton Falls, New Jersey is home to Randy School, a school that houses not one, but two highly skilled basketball players in the class of 2019. These players, Scotty Lewis and Brian Antoine, have garnered significant attention from recruiters across the country due to their impressive skills and talents. Brian Antoine is an exceptional scorer, consistently putting up 20 points per game with seemingly little effort. His ability to create scoring opportunities for himself and his teammates is unparalleled. On the defensive end, Brian can be a formidable opponent when he sets his mind to it. Scotty Lewis, on the other hand, possesses a versatile skill set that excels in various aspects of the game. While his numbers may not always be eye-popping, his impact on the team goes far beyond statistics. Scotty is a phenomenal rebounder and shot-blocker, serving as the backbone of the team's defense. Together, the combined strengths of Brian and Scotty make the Panthers one of the top teams in New Jersey. Their ability to complement each other on the court has made them a force to be reckoned with. New Jersey is known for its high level of basketball, and the presence of these two talented players only solidifies the state's reputation.