Rainier Beach Basketball - Highlights/Interviews

Rainier Beach High School in Seattle, Washington, has become a dominant force in basketball under the guidance of head coach Mike Bethere. Over the past two decades, Coach Bethere's vision has transformed Rainier Beach from a small public school into a renowned basketball powerhouse. The journey began in 1998 when the exceptional skills of Jamal Crawford ignited the city. Crawford's success attracted talented young athletes, including NBA players like Nate Robinson, to Rainier Beach. Even after their own careers took off, Crawford and Robinson continue to mentor and inspire the next generation of players by visiting the school and working out with them. Today, Rainier Beach's current team is led by Shante Murray, a versatile guard who has committed to the University of Washington. Murray ranks among the top 50 prospects in the class of 2015. The team's strength and legacy have recently been bolstered by the addition of junior forward Keith Smith, a transfer who adds further depth to the squad. With a winning record and a remarkable national ranking in the top 10 last season, Rainier Beach is undeniably a force to be reckoned with in high school basketball. Watch this video to discover how Rainier Beach High School has become a basketball powerhouse, and how its players and coaches have worked tirelessly to build a winning tradition that continues to attract talented young athletes to the school.