Anthony and Zahid Valencia - St. John Bosco Wrestlers

Discover the incredible story of Anthony and Zayeed Valencia, two brothers who are revolutionizing the world of high school wrestling. Hailing from Southern California, these young athletes have dominated the sport for the past three years, earning them the title of the best high school wrestlers in the country. Their coach even goes so far as to claim that they are the most successful high school wrestlers in national history. Anthony, the older brother, boasts an impressive record, with only four losses throughout his career. He has secured two state titles, one national title, and even triumphed in the prestigious Ironman tournament. Zayeed, on the other hand, has lost just a single match and has an impressive collection of three state titles and three Ironman titles. Their relentless work ethic and continuous improvement truly set them apart from the competition. With their sights set on Olympic gold and dreams of becoming world champions, the Valencia brothers have left no stone unturned on their path to success. Their remarkable track record and unwavering determination make it clear that they are well on their way to achieving their ultimate goals. Join us in celebrating their journey as they inspire future generations of wrestlers to reach for greatness.