Rafe Peavey - Bolivar Quarterback - Interview

RI Peave, a talented 6'2" 200lb dual-threat quarterback from Boliver High School in Missouri, is creating a buzz in the high school football scene. Known for his exceptional abilities both through the air and on the ground, Peave has caught the attention of coaches and scouts alike. At the prestigious Elite 11 competition in Dallas, he showcased his remarkable accuracy, leaving coaches thoroughly impressed. Despite receiving numerous offers from colleges across the country, Peave made a commitment to play for Arkansas over a year ago and remains fiercely dedicated to the Razorbacks, even following a coaching change. What sets Peave apart is his unwavering confidence in his leadership skills. He effortlessly commands the huddle, directs the offensive line, and makes crucial calls on the field, truly establishing himself as a natural leader. With his unrivaled combination of accuracy, mobility, and leadership, Peave is poised to make a significant impact for Arkansas in the fiercely competitive SEC. As he continues to excel on the football field, this rising star should definitely be on your radar. Stay tuned and watch Peave as he relentlessly pursues his dreams and makes his mark in the world of football.