Quentin Grimes - College Park Guard - Highlights/Interview

Quinton Grimes, a five-star high school basketball player from Houston, Texas, has been making waves as a floor leader. Standing at an impressive six feet five inches and weighing 200 pounds, Grimes possesses both physical prowess and a diverse skill set that college scouts covet. Renowned for his explosive scoring, rebounding, and playmaking abilities, Grimes aims for a triple-double in every game, showcasing his commitment to contributing in multiple ways. His exceptional court vision and passing skills set him apart from others at his level, allowing him to anticipate the game's play. Grimes plays for College Park High School and demonstrates his versatility by taking on multiple positions based on the matchup. Though primarily a ball handler and point guard, he adapts to different situations and often utilizes his size advantage by playing in the post. Grimes recognizes the value of diversity within his team and readily embraces any role given to him, which undoubtedly contributes to his overall success.