Playing Favorites: What's the story behind the number you wear? Sports Stars of Tomorrow

Explore the captivating stories behind the jersey numbers of some of the nation's top high school athletes in our "Playing Favorites" segment. One remarkable athlete, John Davis, proudly wears the number seven, following in the footsteps of his father and uncle, who both adorned the number during their illustrious college and NFL careers. Inspired by his family legacy, John continues the tradition with honor. Another standout athlete, Sarah Thompson, rocks the number 18. Initially unable to choose her number as a freshman, Sarah accidentally threw her helmet in frustration, leading her to embrace the number 18 and make it her own. Not to be forgotten is Mark Johnson, a rising star on the football field, who proudly sports the number 10. This number holds a special place in Mark's heart as he has cherished it since childhood, considering it his lucky number. Despite idolizing Emmitt Smith, who wore the number 22, Mark chose to honor his own unique journey and loyalty to the number 10. Discover more heartwarming and inspiring tales behind the chosen jersey numbers of these exceptional athletes, and delve into their personal connections that extend far beyond the field.