Playing Favorites: Social Media Follows

Discover the lives and inspirations of some of the nation's most talented high school athletes in this week's episode of "Sports Stars of Tomorrow." With a diverse range of interests, these athletes share their favorite social media accounts to follow. From football sensations like Trevor Lawrence, Justin Fields, and Chase Young, who amaze fans with their exceptional skills, to wrestling buffs who love exploring the action-packed world of the sport through wrestling mods, these young stars find motivation in unexpected places. Some athletes draw inspiration from a sneaker page called Nice Kicks, while others look up to Dwayne Johnson's workout routines. Despite their unique preferences, these athletes all share an unwavering dedication and passion for their respective sports, continually striving for greatness and pushing themselves to new heights. Join us on "Sports Stars of Tomorrow" as we showcase their incredible journeys and invite you to be part of their exciting world.