Playing Favorites: What's the story behind the number you wear?

In the latest episode of Sports Stars of Tomorrow, viewers are introduced to a group of talented high school athletes who reveal the stories behind the numbers on their jerseys. For John, wearing the number 7 holds deep personal significance as it reflects his Christian upbringing and symbolizes completion according to the Bible. Michael, on the other hand, pays tribute to his role models by choosing to wear number 23, a number famously associated with great athletes like his father. In addition, Aaron and Sarah select numbers 12 and 21 respectively, believing that these numbers represent greatness and tradition. Sarah, in particular, has had a strong attachment to the number 21 since childhood. Through these unique choices, these young athletes showcase their individual values, inspirations, and aspirations on the field. Join Sports Stars of Tomorrow as they delve into the captivating stories behind these athletes' jersey numbers.