Playing Favorites on Sports Stars of Tomorrow: Who is your Favorite Athlete?

Discover the remarkable journeys of high school athletes destined for greatness in our video series, "Sports Stars of Tomorrow." Join us as we dive into the lives of these young athletes, who reveal their favorite sports idols and the profound impact these role models have had on their own paths. Meet Miles Garrett, a rising football star whose dedication to the game has earned him recognition as one of the country's top prospects. Drawing inspiration from basketball legend Allen Iverson, Miles aspires to leave his mark on the sport, with his sights set on a promising college football career. Also featured is Crystal Dunn, a formidable force in soccer, whose exceptional skills on the field have garnered attention from prestigious universities. As she looks up to the incomparable Michael Jordan, Crystal dreams of representing her country on the international stage and inspiring future generations of female athletes. Join us on this inspiring journey of passion, determination, and the pursuit of greatness.