Playing Favorites: Superstitions

Discover the fascinating world of high school athletes and their game day superstitions on this week's episode of Sports Stars of Tomorrow. These young athletes go to great lengths to ensure they have the perfect pre-game rituals, firmly believing that these superstitions will bring them luck on the field. One standout athlete, John Smith from XYZ High School, follows a strict routine that includes taking a shower and indulging in a peanut butter and jelly sandwich before each game. He also wears his lucky Nike band on his right leg, convinced that it helps him perform at his best. Meanwhile, Sarah Johnson from ABC High School believes that her game day performance is directly linked to her food choices. Whether it's sushi, chicken, or oysters, Sarah ensures her body is fueled with the right combination. She pairs her meal with a refreshing mango juice, firmly believing that this combination enhances her performance on the court. These fascinating stories show that for some athletes, superstitions extend beyond personal routines and become an integral part of their game day experience. Tune in to Sports Stars of Tomorrow to learn more about these unique practices and the dedication these athletes have to their superstitions.