Playing Favorites asks the Sports Stars of Tomorrow about their favorite TV shows

In this week's episode of "Sports Stars of Tomorrow," we meet a group of talented young athletes who not only excel on the field but also have their favorite TV shows. From "The Office" to "Stranger Things," these athletes appreciate the power of a captivating narrative. One standout athlete, James Martin, shared his newfound love for "Stranger Things." Initially skeptical, James gave it a chance and was instantly hooked. He admitted to initially talking down about the show without giving it a fair shot. But after just 10 minutes of watching, he was drawn in and now considers it the best TV show he's ever seen. James' journey with "Stranger Things" mirrors his own experience on the football field, where he's learned not to judge something based on first impressions and to give everything a fair chance. Don't miss this episode where we dive into the world of talented young athletes and their love for great storytelling. Hear from athletes like James Martin, who shares his journey of discovering the captivating TV show "Stranger Things" and how it taught him an important lesson on the football field. Catch the inspiring stories of these athletes who not only excel in their respective sports but also understand the power of a well-told narrative. Tune in to "Sports Stars of Tomorrow" for a unique look into the lives of these exceptional athletes and their favorite TV shows.