Patriots Legend Richard Seymour Talks About His Path to the Pro Football Hall of Fame

Richard Seymour, former defensive lineman for the New England Patriots, was a key player in the team's early 2000s dynasty, contributing to their three Super Bowl victories. Known for their strong defense, Seymour became a leader on the team and was part of one of the best defensive units in the league. Growing up in South Carolina, he credits his parents for instilling important values in him, such as kindness, empathy, and discipline, which shaped him into a well-rounded person and a natural leader. Seymour holds his hometown of Hopkins, South Carolina, close to his heart, inviting his former high school principal to present him at the Pro Football Hall of Fame induction ceremony. Discover the story of Seymour's journey and his contributions to the legendary "Patriot Way" in this captivating video.