Ojai Tennis Tournament

The Ojai Valley Tennis Tournament has been bringing dreams to life for over a century in the peaceful community of Ojai, near Los Angeles. This unique tournament, with no tennis courts of its own and no paid staff, attracts a remarkable 1200 to 1500 competitors every year, both amateurs and professionals. Despite its unconventional setup, some of the biggest names in tennis history, including legends like Tracy Austin, Jimmy Connors, Pete Sampras, and Lindsey Davenport, have graced the four courts of this charming town. However, it is Arthur Ashe, a trailblazing African American player, who truly captured the hearts and left an indelible mark on this event. With his exceptional athleticism and skill on the court, Ashe's presence was nothing short of magical. The Ojai Valley Tennis Tournament is not just a showcase of unmatchable talent, but also a transformative experience for all involved. Join us in this captivating video as we dive into the rich history and unique atmosphere of this extraordinary tennis tournament.