Micah Abernathy - Greater Atlanta Christian - Highlights/Interview

Introducing Micah Abernathy: Carrying on a Legacy of Greatness Get ready to meet Micah Abernathy, a rising star in high school football hailing from Georgia, whose remarkable family heritage has shaped his journey. As the grandson of the renowned civil rights activist Ralph David Abernathy, Micah displays a passion for equality that echoes his grandfather's fight. His story is an inspiring testament to the impact of family heritage and the power of athletic prowess. Micah's excellence on the football field is unquestionable. Serving as a two-way star for Greater Atlanta Christian, he dominates both as a running back and a defensive back. With his incredible speed, Micah boasts an impressive average of 11 yards per carry, making him an unstoppable force on offense. Furthermore, his game-changing plays as a defensive back are a result of his competitive drive and relentless pursuit of victory. Beyond football, Micah's talents extend to track and field. As a state champion, he holds records in the 400 meters and the 4x400 relay, showcasing his remarkable athleticism across multiple sports. Micah's dedication and skills make him a formidable competitor in any arena. Don't miss the chance to witness Micah Abernathy's incredible journey, as he carries on his family legacy while achieving greatness in both football and track.