Memphis East Basketball - Highlights/Interviews

Memphis East High School's basketball team, led by former NBA all-star Penny Hardaway, has gained recognition in recent years. Hardaway, who transitioned into coaching full-time following the loss of his friend Dez Barret, has successfully cultivated a winning atmosphere within the school. Having clinched the last two state championships, the Mustangs are now poised to secure a third title this season. The key to their triumph can be attributed to the solid foundation established by Hardaway, which originated in middle school and flourished upon reaching high school. Within the team, point guard Alex Womack shines as an exceptional player, having already garnered numerous impressive accolades. As a sophomore, he was honored with the title of the state's Gatorade Player of the Year, and has since been named class 3A Mr. Basketball in Tennessee twice. Womack, who has committed to playing for Wichita State, wholeheartedly embraces his role as a leader and is determined to do whatever it takes to secure victory. Another player who demands attention is the towering James Weisman, standing at an impressive seven feet.