Lakeland 2024 Prospect Brayshon Williams Plays for his Late Brother

Meet Rayshawn Williams, a rising star in high school football from Lakeland, Florida. After transferring schools, Rayshawn temporarily changed his jersey number from 13 to 20, as a tribute to his late brother Clarence, who tragically passed away in a road rage incident. Despite the heartbreaking loss, Rayshawn's determination to honor his brother's memory fuels his pursuit of an NFL career. Playing alongside highly touted prospects Carmani McLean and Sam McCall, Rayshawn has pushed himself to work harder and has garnered attention from top college football programs like Florida, Oklahoma, Alabama, and Georgia. He is focused on finding a school that offers a good education and an opportunity to play on the field. In the long term, Rayshawn aspires to give back to his community and make a positive impact by starting something meaningful. Watch his inspiring journey and learn more about this promising football player.