Kevin Ingersoll - National Life Group Life Changer of the Year Nominee

Meet Kevin Ingersoll, an exceptional art teacher at Dewey Academy in Oakland and this week's Life Changer of the Year nominee. Working with students from troubled backgrounds, Kevin established a groundbreaking class called "Health and Fitness for Lifestyles and Careers" to make a lasting impact on their lives. Not only does this unique program promote physical activity but it also equips students with the skills necessary for careers in personal training and coaching. What sets Kevin apart is his unparalleled ability to connect with these troubled students. His greatest hurdle is gaining their self-belief, but he remains steadfast in his conviction that it's achievable. With unwavering support and encouragement, he empowers these young individuals to overcome any obstacles they may face. Kevin's dedication has resulted in an increased number of Dewey Academy students leaving with a strong focus on fitness careers, thanks to his hands-on experience and tireless efforts to push them towards fulfilling their potential.