Justin Jackson - HCYA Forward - Highlights/Interview

Discover the incredible talent of Justin Jackson, the exceptional high school basketball player hailing from Tomball, Texas. Standing tall at 6'7" and boasting natural scoring ability, Jackson plays for the HCYA team, debunking misconceptions about homeschoolers and their dedication to basketball. With structured practice sessions and exciting away games, the team grows closer, fueling their success on the court. Not only has Jackson's skill caught the attention of many, but he has also been hailed as a five-star prospect and secured a coveted spot on the prestigious McDonald's All-American team. His talents have earned him a place in the renowned North Carolina basketball program, guided by the esteemed Coach Williams. Beyond the court, Jackson values the academic program at North Carolina and feels a strong sense of belonging at the university. The opportunity to follow in the footsteps of basketball legend Michael Jordan adds to his excitement about joining the team. Dive into Jackson's fascinating journey and watch the video to witness his exceptional skills in action.