Ian Green - Boxer - Highlights/Interviews

In the heart of Orange, New Jersey, 21-year-old aspiring boxer Ian Green Jr. trains tirelessly at a local gym. Despite facing adversity throughout his life, including growing up without his incarcerated father and later dealing with his father's deportation and passing, Ian remained determined to pursue his dreams. Under the guidance of his uncle, he found solace in boxing and used his circumstances as fuel to propel himself forward. With a professional record of 5-0, Ian's resilience and determination have caught the attention of promoter Joe Crann, who believes that Ian has the potential to become a middleweight world champion. Beyond boxing, Ian recognizes the importance of education and community involvement. He attends classes at a community college and dedicates his time to community service. Ian's story is one of inspiration, highlighting the power of refusing to let circumstances define you and using challenges as motivation to achieve greatness. Join us in witnessing the extraordinary journey of this young boxer as he strives to make his mark in the ring and make a positive impact in his community.