Collin Klein vs Johnny Manziel: Heisman Trophy Showdown 2022

Learn about the captivating Heisman race this year featuring senior Collin Klein and freshman sensation Johnny Manziel. Klein, the seasoned quarterback from Kansas State, has been a dominant force in college football, leading his team to the top of the Big 12 conference. Known for his exceptional skills with both his arms and legs, Klein's leadership has propelled Kansas State to the forefront of the rankings, making him a formidable contender for the prestigious Heisman trophy. On the other hand, Johnny Manziel, famously known as Johnny Football, has been turning heads with his remarkable speed and powerful arm. Hailing from Kerrville, Texas, Manziel has been putting up impressive numbers all season. However, it was his stunning victory against the top-ranked defense, Alabama, on their home turf, that truly catapulted him into the Heisman conversation. Despite no freshman ever winning the Heisman, Manziel's exceptional talent and groundbreaking performance have made him a genuine contender for this illustrious award. Discover more about the electrifying Heisman race by watching our enticing video.