Heisman Contenders 2013

Discover the top contenders for the prestigious Heisman Trophy in this episode, as we delve into the exciting race for the award. Leading the pack is Johnny Manziel, the charismatic quarterback for Texas A&M and the first freshman to claim the Heisman in 2012. Now aiming to join the elite group of two-time winners, Manziel's breakout season has made him an idol for aspiring quarterbacks nationwide. Another contender making waves is Florida State freshman Jameis Winston, whose remarkable talent has propelled his team to victory after victory. Despite his stats not fully capturing his impact, Winston's skills and leadership make him a strong candidate for the award, leaving a lasting impression in his inaugural collegiate season. Joining the mix is Marcus Mariota, the Oregon quarterback known for his exceptional playmaking abilities. With a potent offense and a commanding presence on the field, Mariota has firmly positioned himself as a contender for the Heisman, adding an exciting dynamic to the race. Don't miss this gripping episode exploring the journey of these impressive athletes as they vie for one of college football's highest honors.