Greenhill's Dominant Duo, Lee Dort and Noah Shelby, Have a Bond Beyond the Basketball Court

In this week's five-star feature, we meet Lee Dort and Noah Shelby, teammates from the Green Hill School in Addison, Texas. Their friendship is more like a brotherhood, and together, they form one of the best duos in the country. Shelby is a dynamic guard known for his scoring ability, while Dort, a powerful post presence, excels in rebounding and defense. Their skills complement each other perfectly, making them a formidable force on the high school level. But their bond goes beyond basketball. Dort, originally from Haiti, has been living with the Shelby family since 2018. Noah's father, Derek, first learned about Lee on a mission trip and decided to give him a better opportunity in America. Despite the language barrier, Noah has helped Lee adjust and excel academically, introducing him to new friends and acting as a mentor. The Shelby family has a history of taking in Haitian teenagers looking for better education and basketball opportunities, and this experience has taught