Duke Commit Dereck Lively is an Elite Prospect, But Also an Inspiring Young Man Off the Court

Discover the remarkable journey of Derek Lively, the rising star in high school basketball. Standing at an impressive seven feet tall, Derek has captured the attention of Coach Seth Berger, who believes Derek may become the best player he has ever coached. However, his story goes beyond his height and athletic abilities. Tragedy struck when Derek's father passed away a decade ago, leaving a profound impact on him and his mother, Kathy. Despite facing the challenges of supporting Kathy through her battle with hodgkin's lymphoma, Derek has shown undying support and resilience. Their unwavering bond has shaped Derek's character and basketball career. Witness Derek's basketball prowess and personal growth as he navigates through the high academic institution, West Town School. Discover how this Quaker community has influenced his development into a true rising star, while also focusing on his personal growth. Join us in this inspiring video that highlights the extraordinary journey of Derek Lively.